Director’s Cut

I have had the privilege of working with Samuel Joshua on a number of feature film projects. He is a gifted musician with insight for both composition and storytelling.

Daniel Knudsen

Crystal Creek Media

Samuel Joshua’s music enhances the viewing experience greatly, intensifying the action, emotion, and drama of each scene. His timing, pacing, and choice of instrumentation improved my films significantly.

Penny Carlisi

Reveal Film Group

Samuel Joshua does awesome work in the area of music composition! It was a joy to work with him on Christmas Grace!

Keith Perna

Bright Horizon Films

Samuel Joshua earned his doctorate in composition at Michigan State University. In addition to his composition work for feature films, Samuel has a substantial portfolio of concert works. He is director of music at Ann Arbor Baptist Church (MI), and is an adjunct lecturer of composition and theory at Eastern Michigan University School of Music.

  1. Faceoff
  2. Epiphany
  3. Devious Duo
  4. Transformation
  5. The Meet
  6. Cloak and Daggers
  7. Hero

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